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Easter Rising Ireland 1916

The Easter Rising began on Monday 24 April 1916 and ended on Saturday 29 April. Letters about the Rising are most intense in the weeks following the surrender. Letters in this category are written well into the summer and include compensation claims and correspondence between those interred and family and friends at home.
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Art and literature

The artistic life of the country continued throughout 1916. This section provides a glimpse into the cultural life of Ireland of the time. Letters concern productions at the Abbey Theatre, poetry, and prose.
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Battle of the Somme

Irish Divisions were involved in the Battle of the Somme from 1 July 1916 - 18 November 1916; the most costly British offensive of the war. Letters relate to the disastrous first day of the Somme, the experiences of Irish medical personnel behind the lines, and more.
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Letters about business come from a variety of sources, from official documents in the National Archives, private companies, and estates. These letters give a flavor of day-to-day business affairs, as well as the challenges and difficulties of business in the aftermath of the Rising.
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Letters to, from, and about children are contained in this section, from poignant letters from fathers serving in the front, to St Enda’s school, to children writing to parents and grandparents.
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City and town life

Letters in this category cover many aspects of life in Ireland's cities and towns: business, religious affairs, and official letters from administrators and government officials.
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Country life

Letters about country life are about life on estates and at big houses, letters between family members concerning farms and agricultural matters, as well as ordinary life lived outside the big cities and towns.
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Crime, as all aspects of life, continued throughout 1916. Many, although not all, of the letters in this category come from the General Secretary’s correspondence at the National Archives of Ireland.
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Letters about faith come from all walks of life. Not just from the many clergy involved in the Great War or with those involved in the Rising, but there are letters of individual faith, particularly from those involved in the conflicts of the Great War and the Rising.
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Family life

Many letters in the collection are about families: relations between parents and grown children, siblings, and extended families. These letters allow us to glimpse how life was lived in 1916 from a very personal perspective.
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Irish question

Letters in this category pertain, by and large, to the question of Home Rule from both Unionist and Nationalist perspectives. Other letters concern the Irish Brigade, as well as well as the future of Ireland as a result of the Rising.
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Last letters before death

This is possibly the most poignant letters of the collection. Here we collect all the last letters written by individuals condemned to death. It is the only category we collect multiple copies of letters as many of the letters from the executed leaders of the Rising were copied and circulated at the time.
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Love letters

Letters of 1916 has several correspondences of couples courting during 1916. There are also individual letters written while couples are apart, due primarily, but not only, to war.
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Official documents

Letters in this category come primarily from the National Archives of Ireland's General Secretary's Correspondence. This was Matthew Nathan's office, and the centre of the British Administration in Ireland.
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Patronage comes in a variety of forms:primarily from government officials and the ascendancy.
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Letters about politics about in 1916. They not only cover the aftermath of the Rising, but the fraught relationship arising from Ireland's engagement with the Great War. Letters are not only to and from the General Secretary's Office, but between many individuals from a wide variety of political perspectives.
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World War 1: 1914-1918

Thousands of Irish men and women were caught up in the machinery of war. Letters cover a variety of perspectives, from prisoners of war, to nurses tending the horrific wounds and illnesses sustained by soldiers, to those mired in the trenches of France.
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Letters about medical conditions and treatments in 1916. Many letters come from the front, detailing horrific wounds and illnesses sustained by soldiers at the front. These letters provide insight into a rapidly developing field.
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This collection contains correspondence relating to the struggle for increased women’s rights, which competed in the political arena with other key issues of the time, including the Great War and Nationalism.
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Civil War, 1922-1923

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War of Independence, 1919-1921

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The Rising Tide

this is the post-rising period to the War of Independence
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