This is a letter from Eva Selina Gore-Booth (1870-1926) to Helena Malony (1883-1967). This letter was written while Malony was in prison. Eva Gore-Booth enquires about Malony and the rules regarding letters and visitors and refers to her sister and other female prisoners, Dr Kathleen Lynn and Madeleine French-Mullen.

Eva Gore-Booth was a poet, trade unionist, suffragist, and an active social campaigner, mostly on women's issues, and contributor to the Irish literary revival from the late 1890s. A sister of Constance Markievicz, she was active in the campaign for a reprieve of Markievicz's death sentence for her participation in the Easter Rising and for the improvement of her prison conditions.

Helena Malony was a republican, feminist and labour activist. She was a founder member of Inghinide na hEireann, a member of the Irish Citizen Army and a close colleague of James Connolly and Countess Markievicz. She was part of the garrison of rebels who seized City Hall during the Easter Rising and was imprisoned in Aylesbury prison until December 1916.


  • Easter Rising Ireland 1916


Institution: Military Archives of Ireland
Collection: Bureau of Military History Contemporary Documents, Helena Malony Collection, BMH CD/119/1/1

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Eva Gore-Booth. "Letter from Eva Gore-Booth to Helena Molony, 1 September 1916". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: Eva Gore-Booth
To: Helena Malony
Date Sent: 01 September 1916

Subject: Letter from Eva Gore-Booth to Helena Molony, 1 September 1916
33 Fitzroy Sq
My Dear Miss Maloney

I dont know if you will get this letter because I don't know what the rules are for interned people, but I thought I would chance writing you a line to say I have seen my sister since she came to England and she is well and cheerful. Please tell me if theres any chance of my being allowed to see you and who's the right person to apply to. I heard from the Doctor, Miss Mullen and other friends this morning they seem well & cheerful I hope you are all right and not having a bad time. My sister says man never made a wall but God threw a gap in it as an old woman used to say at home

With kindest
from Miss Roper &
myself Yours

Eva GB