This is a letter from Alexander G. Crawford to Sir Matthew Nathan (1862-1939). Crawford writes about the work of a Mr Houston in his role as principal of a school in Coleraine. Crawford describes the positive effect he has had in his forty five years of service including paying for the up keep of the school from his own purse. Crawford explains that the Irish Society, the school's biggest benefactors, think that some provision should be made for Houston in his old age.

Mathew Nathan had become under-secretary in 1914 under Augustine Birrell (1850-1933). After the Easter Rising 1916, Nathan resigned as under-secretary due to his misjudgement and failure to stop the Rising.


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Institution: National Archives of Ireland
Collection: Chief Secretary's Office Registered Papers, CSO RP/1916/4904

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Alexander G. Crawford. "Letter from Alexander Crawford to Matthew Nathan, 17 March 1916". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: Alexander G. Crawford
To: Matthew Nathan
Date Sent: 17 March 1916

Subject: Letter from Alexander Crawford to Matthew Nathan, 17 March 1916

On receipt of yours of 10th inst(Ro7298) I looked up the register of the Coleraine Academical Institution but could find no Contract as to provision with Mr Hueston at the time of his appointment in March 1870

The Governors fully considered the situation last year in consultation with the Hon:The Irish Society who are the Schools main benefactors. they felt that some provision should be made for Mr Hueston in his old age, considering his forty five years of faithful service & the fact that he had spent out of his own private purse at least £100 per annum during all the years of his Principalship on the upkeep & development of the school

The Hon:The Irish Society allow £200 per year to go through our books for this object & took the whole circumstances into consideration in their other benefactoring

Believe me
Your Obedient servant
Alex G Crawford

Hon Secty
The Under Secretary
Dublin Castle