In this letter Denis Hurley writes to his brother, John (b. 1844) who is at home in Cork. He thanks him for the bunch of shamrock and mentions that John's letter had the honour of "being opened by the censor". He mentions his hopes that the war will be over soon and refers to some trouble beginning with Mexico. Additionally, Denis is curious whether any Clonakilty men have distinguished themselves in the war.

Denis Hurley (1849 - 1926) was from a farming family in Tawnies, near Clonakilty, County Cork. After emigrating to Carson City, Nevada in 1873 Denis went on to become one of Carson City's most prominent citizens.


  • Family Life
  • World War 1: 1914-1918


Institution: Cork City and County Archives
Collection: Hurley Papers U170/71, Hurley Papers U170/71

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Denis Hurley. "Letter from Denis Hurley to his brother John Hurley, 17 March 1916". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: Denis Hurley
To: John Hurley
Date Sent: 17 March 1916

Subject: Letter from Denis Hurley to his brother John Hurley, 17 March 1916
Carson city,
Mr. John Hurley
Dear John —

Your welcome letter received on the 10th inst. Thanks for the bunch of shamrocks. I am sorry that you suffered the loss of your horse, but there are losses of one kind or another as we go through life.

My health is pretty good, thank God. Michael I have not from in a couple of months. I was with him for a couple of weeks last October.

Your letter was honored by be ing opened by the censor. I hope this awful war will come to an early close. It looks like some trouble with Mexico just now We are having delightful weather here now — the month of January was very severe. Has any Clonakilty man distinguished himself in this war.

I hope you are all well.

I remain your Brother