This is a postcard written in Irish from M. to Piaras Béaslaí (1881-1965) sent from Belfast. M misses Dublin and at the end of the post card tells Piaras to 'Tell Tadhg Scannell to do that thing.'

Piaras Béaslaí (born Percy Frederick Beazley) was an English born writer, revolutionary, politician, language revivalist, journalist and a member of the IRB. In February of 1916 he published the Fàinne, a publication to organise Gaelic speakers. He soon abandoned it and became involved in politics and would later fight in the Easter Rising.


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Institution: National Library of Ireland
Collection: Collection List 44, Collection List 44

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'M'. "Postcard from M. in Belfast to Piaras Béaslaí, January 1916". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: 'M'
To: Piaras Béaslaí
Date Sent: 11 January 1916

Subject: Postcard from M. in Belfast to Piaras Béaslaí, January 1916

Annso dhom arís & uaigneas orm indiaidh B. Átha Cliath. Níor bhuail an taingeal liom. is dóca go raibh sé imthighte go luath. Ar thugais cuairt ar P. ó shoin. Abair le Tadhg Scannell an rud sin a dhéanamh

Piaras Béaslaí,
25 Lindsay Rd,
L Glasnevin,

Donegal Square & Wellington Place, Belfast.