Letter from a prisoner of war, Patrick Foran, Connaught Rangers, to Lady Clonbrock (1839-1928). Foran was incarcerated in Germany at the time of the letter. He writes to thank Lady Clonbrock for the parcel of socks that she sent him.

Augusta Caroline Dillon (née Crofton) was the wife of Luke Gerald Dillon (1834-1917), the 4th Baron of Clonbrock, Co. Galway and the daughter of Lord Crofton of Mote Park (Edward Henry Churchill Crofton, 3rd Baron), Co. Roscommon. Aged 75 at the outbreak of war, Lady Clonbrock, worked closely with the Irish Women's Association to send basic necessities to Irish POWs. Many of her care packages went to members of the Connaught Rangers imprisoned in Limburg near Cologne.


  • World War 1: 1914-1918


Institution: National Library of Ireland
Collection: MS 35,796 /14 (14) (Collection List 54), MS 35,796 /14 (14) (Collection List 54)

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Patrick Foran. "Letter from Patrick Foran to Lady Clonbrock, 27 November 1915". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: Patrick Foran
To: Lady Clonbrock
Date Sent: 27 November 1915

Subject: Letter from Patrick Foran to Lady Clonbrock, 27 November 1915
Dear Lady

I here hasten to acknowledge receipt of your parcel of socks which I received alright. Dear Lady all we can do is to pray for the good people that is at home in the dear old country that is looking after the prisoners of war. Again I must thank you for your kindness to me

I remain yours most respectfully
Pte. Patrick Foran
Limburg (Lahn).
This is my address:
Mr. Pte Patrick Foran Connaght Rangers
2 II. Bat. 6 Comp. No. 408
Limburg (Lahn) Germany

(Answer on Post-Card or by open letter, please).
To Lady