A letter from Count George Nobel Plunkett (1851-1948) to his daughter Geraldine (b. 1891). The letter was sent from Richmond Barracks where Plunkett was being held at the time. He refers to some good news delivered to Geraldine by a solicitor, requests some money and thanks Geraldine for food she had sent.

Count Plunkett has a nationalist and a papal count. He had been sworn in to the IRB by his son, Joseph Mary Plunkett (1887-1916), before the Rising and arrested afterwards. Count Plunkett was elected as an MP in 1918 and a member of the first Dáil.


  • Easter Rising Ireland 1916


Institution: Military Archives of Ireland
Collection: Bureau of Military History Contemporary Documents, Geraldine Plunkett Dillon Collection, BMH CD/5/8/6

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George Noble Plunkett. "Letter from George Noble Plunkett to Geraldine Plunkett Dillon, 18 May 1916". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: George Noble Plunkett
To: Geraldine Plunkett Dillon
Date Sent: 18 May 1916

Subject: Letter from George Noble Plunkett to Geraldine Plunkett Dillon, 18 May 1916
"Company" Guardroom
Richmond Barracks
My Dear Gerry,

I suppose Mr. Mathews has given you the good news — I should say "Deo gratias" if I were with Mammy. I say "Deo Gratias" now!

My money is run out, so I'd be glad to get £1 in change. You've brought me so many good things to eat that I should be ill if I tried to eat them: and now I get hot meals, in plenty.

God bless you all — with all
my love. Your affectionate