A letter from Patrick O'Loughlin (1875 - 1937) to his wife Ellen (1881- 1964). Patrick made a number of trips to a Mrs C. Henry in Glasgow to purchase goods from the shop. This letter was written while on one of those trips and refers to the journey over and the goods he intended to buy. Included is a postcard of an image of Patrick and Ellen that was posted at a later date.

Patrick and Ellen ran a small shop at 39 Lower Kevin Street in Dublin, selling second-hand clothes/boots/shoes.


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Institution: Rory O'Loughlin
Collection: Rory O'Loughlin, private collection

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Patrick O'Loughlin. "Letter from Patrick O'Loughlin to Ellen O'Loughlin, 23 August 1916". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: Patrick O'Loughlin
To: Ellen O'Loughlin
Date Sent: 23 August 1916

Subject: Letter from Patrick O'Loughlin to Ellen O'Loughlin, 23 August 1916
Dear Nellie

Just A few lines to let you know I arrived all right it was a Bitter cold Night going over there was a heavy fog raised and the Boat had to go very slow an the fog horn going Continually however it improved as we got to Greenock so I decided at going up the Clyde And it was grand so I did not arrive at M M. rs. Grahams till 2 o C in the day and the were Expecting me And had Given me up so It was All right Called on M. rs Henry And don A bit of work she has no Nicks or Boys Clothes nor Cant get them so I will have to do the Best I can sorry for Mary for them is the very things she told me to look for hoping yourself and the Kidds are All right with

Best love I remain