A postcard from Eoin C Mac Giolla Comhghall to Nancy O'Rahilly (1875-1961). The writer (a Catholic Priest) sends a short blessing, in Irish, to Mrs.O'Rahilly and her new-born son.

Nancy O'Rahilly was a member of the Provisional Council of Cumann na mBan at the founding in 1914 and the wife of Michael Joseph O'Rahilly, self-described as 'The' O'Rahilly (1875-1916). The O'Rahilly fought in the Easter Rising and was shot in Parnell/Moore Street on 28 April 1916 and died some time later. Nancy was pregnant at the time of her husband's death – the child was born three months later.


  • Easter Rising Ireland 1916


Institution: University College Dublin, Archives
Collection: Humphreys Papers, P106/092/5

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Eoin C. Mac Giolla Comhghall. "Postcard from Eoin C. Mac Giolla Comhghall to Nancy O'Rahilly, c. May 1916.". Letters of 1916. Schreibman, Susan, Ed. Maynooth University: 2016. Website.

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From: Eoin C. Mac Giolla Comhghall
To: Nancy O'Rahilly
Date Sent: 01 May 1916

Subject: Postcard from Eoin C. Mac Giolla Comhghall to Nancy O'Rahilly, c. May 1916.

Beannacht Dé agus na maigdine ort & air do leinbh. Beidh buaidh air!

Eóin B. Mac Giolla Comhghaill
Mrs O Rahilly
40 Herbert Park

The Old Bridge, Coolaney.