1916: Seachtar Dearmadta series on TG4

The 1916: Seachtar Dearmadta is a new documentary series that looks at the lives of the other 7 men executed in Kilmainham gaol in the aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising. The first episode aired on TG4 on Wednesday 6 November 2013 and focused on Michael MallinIf you missed the first episode of the series, you can catch it on the TG4 Player – Click here to watch.

We are also delighted to let you know that our colleague Brian Hughes was one of the interviewees in the programme. Brian has recently finished his PhD in history

in Histories and Humanities at Trinity College Dublin and joined the Letters of 1916 team. His biography of Michael Mallin was published by The O’Brien Press in 2012.

Click here to read a short biography note of Michael Mallin as a part of the National Library of Ireland online exhibition The 1916 Rising: Personalities and Perspectives. 


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