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The Letters 1916-1923 project has a community of circa 1500 active transcribers as well as more than 5000 followers on Twitter and more than 2000 followers on Facebook.

Letters 1916-1923 on Twitter

Your volunteering, your comments, and your questions help us to expand and improve the Letters 1916-1923 database, so we would like to thank all of you for your time and support. Many of our volunteers are referred to us by volunteering agencies such as Volunteer Ireland, whom we would like to thank for their excellent cooperation throughout the years. Most of our volunteers join the project as individuals and do not know each other at first, but our social media accounts are spaces where people from all over the world can connect and share their passion for history.

Meet our volunteers

Photo: Hanna, Aaron and Barney participating in the Letters 1916 Summer Workshop for teachers. Some of our contributors and transcribers have given us interviews to talk about their motivations, their experiences with the Letters 1916-1923 project, and their favourite items from our collection. In our featured profiles we present their compelling stories.

Besides, Seamus Callagy, who did his MA in Digital Humanities in 2016-2017, created a video about Fidelma Carroll‘s work as a transcriber for us. On many occasions, Fidelma has been one of the most active Letters 1916-1923 transcribers. Fidelma discovered the project in her local volunteering newsletter and very quickly became engrossed in the stories of everyday life revealed through the letters.

Watch our “Transcriber Tales” film and check out other videos from Letters 1916-1923 on Vimeo.

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We also participate in public conferences and organise educational events across Ireland. Since the project started in 2013, we have cooperated with schools, libraries, museums and community centres. It is always a pleasure to meet history enthusiast of all backgrounds and ages. So please come along and spread the word if there is an event in your area.