Progress update

We started publishing monthly progress update in September 2014 to track project development, but most important to acknowledge the great work of our contributors and transcribers.

Each progress update includes information about the

  • LETTERS – the total number of letters uploaded to the system and a number of letters made public (accessible to view and/or transcribe).
  • STATUS of the letters – the breakdown of the letters in terms of transcriptions that are ‘not started’, ‘in progress’, ‘proofed and completed’ or ‘need proofing and reviewing’.
  • USERS – the total number of registered users as well as how many of them registered in the previous month and how many were active. We also provide information about the recent top 20 transcribers with the exact amount of characters transcribed.

The Letters of 1916 team gratefully thanks all our collaborators for helping us transcribe letters as well as adding family letters to the collection.




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We were unable to compile monthly progress updates in November & December 2016 and January 2017. February 2017 contains some information for those months.


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The progress updates for November 2015 and October 2015 were not possible to compile due to server being down.


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