Profile: Gabriel Doherty

In November 2015, the Letters 1916 team collaborated with The School of History and the Boole Library at University College Cork for an SFI-funded outreach event. The event involved a workshop and talks and provided an opportunity to digitise letters from the public. Many people attended to find out about the project and to get … Read more

Profile: Fidelma Carroll

Each month, we compile a progress report and one of the things we track is the top 20 transcribers. On more than one occasion, Fidelma Carroll has been the top Letters of 1916 transcriber. Fidelma told us about why she contributes to the project. Having retired in 2006 and subsequently completing a business degree I … Read more

Profile: Joyce Timms

Joyce Timms added a family letter to the Letters of 1916 collection. Joyce told us why she got involved with the project. I collaborated with the Letters of 1916 project because I have a letter which was kept carefully by my grandfather and thereafter my mother, as it contained my grandmother’s personal account of this … Read more

Profile: Thérèse McIntyre

Thérèse McIntyre is the presenter of ‘Herosongs:  Where History and Song Meet’, an AthenaMedia Production for RTE Radio 1 as well as being a key member of the Oral History Network of Ireland (OHNI). Thérèse told us about her involvement with the Letters of 1916 project. Years ago, I remember when the National Library of Ireland … Read more

Profile: Willie Mooney

Mr Willie Mooney’s letter collection came to our attention through Rita Redmond from the Old Dunboyne Society.  Willie has a collection of his letters written to and from his father, Peter Mooney, during World War One, and approximately 60 letters from the collection fit into the time frame of the project. Rita tells us how … Read more

#AskLetters1916 chat: 3 March | Curating the Crowdsourced

The next #AskLetters1916 Twitter chat will take place on Tuesday 3 March 2015 from 5.30 – 6.30pm (GMT). The chat will be hosted by Vinayak Das Gupta, a PhD student in Trinity College Dublin and will focus on   CURATING THE CROWDSOURCED   by discussing the problems of curating crowd-sourced material and considering issues ranging from captioning … Read more

#AskLetters1916 chat: 2 December | Crowdsourcing: The Volunteers

  The monthly #AskLetters1916 Twitter chat took place on Tuesday 2 December from 5.30 – 6.30pm (GMT). The topic for the chat was:   CROWDSOURCING – THE VOLUNTEERS     Back in July 2014, the #AskLetters1916 chat took place around the topic of crowdsourcing Digital Humanities projects. The chat was very animated with contributions from … Read more

#AskLetters1916 chat: 4 November | Text Analysis

  The last #AskLetters1916 Twitter chat took place on Tuesday 4 November from 5.30 – 6.30pm (GMT). The topic for the chat was: TEXT ANALYSIS    Click here to catch up on the #AskLetters1916 Twitter chat about Text Analysis. Storing information; displaying it on a screen; now even transporting it to screens half way across the … Read more

Featured Institution: National Archives of Ireland

The process of creating a digital collection such as The letters of 1916, takes many people with many skills and expertise. This is the first blog post that describes one piece of the workflow from sourcing an analogue document to creating a digital surrogate. The letters of 1916 has been blessed with the National Archives … Read more