America Declares War : “The world must be made safe for democracy.”

On 6 April 1917 the United States of America declared war on Imperial Germany. Up until this point the United States had maintained the government policy of neutrality. However, neutrality did not keep the war from pervading American lives. As we can see from the letters sent and received during this time neutral America was … Read more

“It was an aberration generated by the pressure of total war”: The Execution of Sir Roger Casement

While tensions on the island of Ireland were growing as internal disputes seemed to be reaching a climactic head, Sir Roger Casement (1864–1916) was busy in Germany, promoting Irish nationalism. Casement, a former advocate of imperialism, spent eighteen months in Germany in an attempt to secure support, arms and to induce captured Irish soldiers in … Read more

Poverty and War: County Kerry and the letters from 1916

by Thomas Dillon Lecture given at Kerry County Library, Tralee on 28th April 2016 as part of the Letters of 1916 event The Letters of 1916 project is an invaluable resource for historians researching life in Ireland one hundred years ago. This unique collection of original documents helps unearth the hidden history of life in … Read more

1916 Letters give students different slant on history, Irish Examiner, 11 April 2016

In Autumn 2015, the Letters of 1916 project collaborated with St Angela’s College in Cork as part of its community engagement event in Cork which was generously funded by a Science Foundation Discover grant. The Letters of 1916 team had the pleasure of visiting St Angela’s College to carry out a workshop with the Transition Year history … Read more

#16Letters on RTÉ | Easter Sunday

Presented by Ryan Tubridy and filmed in the GPO, ’16 Letters is a major television event specially commissioned for RTE’s 1916 commemorations which sees the written words of ordinary and extraordinary people – caught up in a time of blood, sacrifice and rebellion – brought back to life … one hundred years after they were … Read more

Letters of 1916 | RTÉ Guide, 24 March – 1 April 2016

On Easter Sunday (28 March 2016), a new documentary featuring letters from the Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life collection will be aired on RTÉ One at 7pm.  ’16 Letters takes us back into the heart of history by exploring the first-hand accounts of ordinary citizens who were caught up in the Rising. … Read more

Letters of 1916 at RTÉ Reflecting the Rising | 28 March 2016

As part of RTÉ’s Reflecting the Rising event on Easter Monday (28 March 2016), Professor Susan Schreibman will be giving a talk about the Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life collection entitled “Ordinary Lives in Extraordinary Times”. The talk will take place in the Royal Irish Academy Lecture Hall from 17.00 – 18.00. … Read more