Letters for #AskLetters1916 | 1 September 2015

Below is a selection of letters relating to Business in 1916 from the Letters of 1916 collection. We will discuss these letters and more during the #AskLetters1916 twitter chat on 1 September 2015.

Letter from Charles E. Jacob to Joseph Brennan, 6 May 1916

National Archives of Ireland


This letter concerns the occupation of Jacobs Biscuit Factory, Bishop Street, Dublin, during the Easter Rising.


Letter from Andrew Philip Magill to Sir Edward, 5 May 1916

National Archives of Ireland


This letter concerns the state of the Jacobs Biscuit Factory after the 1916 Easter Rising. 


Letter from S.C. Harrison to Sir Matthew Nathan, 1 February 1916

National Archives of Ireland


S.C. Harrison is writing to Sir Matthew Nathan in connection with the working conditions of factory and mill workers in Belfast.


Letter from Christopher Cox to the Chief Secretary of Ireland, 4 June 1916

National Archives of Ireland


This letter concerns Cox’s claim for damages to his shop at 158th King Street, following the 1916 Rising.


Letter from Patrick O’Loughlin to Ellen O’Loughlin, 23 August 1916

Rory O’Loughlin, private collection


Patrick O’Loughlin (1875 – 1937) and his wife Ellen (1881- 1964) ran a small shop at 39 Lower Kevin Street in Dublin, selling second-hand clothes/boots/shoes.


Letter from Timothy Hegarty to Major J. Black, 9 March 1916

National Archives of Ireland


This letter concerns the injury of Patrick Sheehan (1879-?), a labourer who dislocated his ankle while carrying sacks at the Lee Mills. 


Letter from A. P. Magill to T. J. Hanna, 4 August 1916

National Archives of Ireland


A series of correspondence consisting of four letters, concerns a claim for compensation by the Dublin and South Eastern Railway (DSE) for damage and loss of earnings caused during the Easter Rising.


Letter from James Duffy & Co. to the Chief Secretary for Ireland, 4 August 1916

National Archives of Ireland


A letter from James Duffy & Co. Ltd., Westmoreland Street acknowledging the receipt of a £40 settlement of the business’ claim for compensation in respect of damages sustained during the course of the Easter Rising, 1916.


Letter from Henry Edward Harris to the Secretary, Irish Office, 22 May 1916

National Archives of Ireland


Letter from Henry Edward Harris (b. 1879), a stock and share broker and member of the Dublin stock exchange, to the secretary of the Irish Office at Westminster. Harris writes wishing to make a claim for compensation for damages suffered during the Easter rebellion.


Letter from Fr. John McCarthy (U.S.A.), 2nd May 1916, to Mrs. Sarah Kelly, Westport

Kelly Family Collection


Fr. John McCarthy enclosed a ‘draught for £20 on account’, part-payment of a debt owed to Mrs. Kelly for goods supplied him. Mrs. Kelly was running the business in Westport which had been founded by her late husband.


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