Progress update: October 2014

We are delighted to publish our second Progress updateclick here to view the first one. In October 2014 we added 14 new letters to the collection and currently we are only 9 letters from reaching 1600.  We welcomed 35 new users bringing the number of registered users to 458 in total.  The great news is that there was a significant increase in transcriptions – thank you very much to all for your help! As you can see from the table, 12 new users made it to the TOP 20 TRANSCRIBERS last month. A special acknowledgement needs to go to Philip Costello (Philcostel) who made it from 20th position last month to the 1st in October 2014. Well done and thank you Phillip!

THANK YOU All for contributing to Letters 1916 Project!




  • 1591 letters uploaded to the system, of which 1490made public to date (31 Oct 2014)
  • 14 letters uploaded to the system between 1-31 October 2014


STATUS of the letters:

  • Transcriptions not started: 362 letters
  • Transcriptions in progress 123 letters
  • Transcriptions that need proofing and reviewing: 912 letters
  • Transcriptions proofed and completed: 93 letters



  • 458 registered users to date (31 Oct 2014)
  • 35 new users (registered 1-31 Oct 2014)
  • 36 Active users (1-31 Oct 2014)
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