Publishing the letters of 1916 to the Semantic Web | Frank Lynam

Frank Lynam has more than a decade of experience working in R&D in the technology sector. He completed his BA at Trinity College Dublin where he read Ancient History and Archaeology and Italian. He studied Mesopotamian archaeology and the archaeology of South Asia for his MPhil in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. He is currently in the final year of his PhD at Trinity College Dublin where he is a part of the Digital Arts and Humanities PhD programme. His thesis considers the synthesis of the archaeological method with Linked Data, Semantic Web and Big Data techniques.
IMG_8476At the end of the summer of 2014, Frank undertook a 2-week internship with the Letters of 1916 project. After a chat with Susan Schreibman, the project’s principle investigator, it was decided that Frank should do a feasibility study that would consider how best to integrate the letters data into the Semantic Web. In this featured blog post, Frank gives an account of that study and will briefly introduce the Semantic Web from a technical point of view.


To read more about Frank’s internship with the Letters of 1916 project, click here.


Check out Frank’s research blog for more information about his work.




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