Why use Letters 1916-1923 in secondary or adult education?

The Letters 1916-1923 project is a public humanities project and would not have been possible without the active contribution of hundreds of people from Ireland and beyond. This implies that the database of letters we have created is not only a research tool for experts such as professional historians and archivists. It is a tool for everyone who takes an interest in Irish and global history of the early twentieth century, including users with little IT experience. In order to help you make the most of Letters 1916-1923, we have designed workshops and teaching material for different audiences:

Our digital treasure hunt – an educational tool for all ages

A particularly successful educational tool is our digital treasure hunt — a history quiz based on the Letters 1916-1923 database and similar online resources. Originally designed for secondary-school pupils, we have expanded our treasure hunt to suit the interests and needs of adults. In the form of case studies and challenge questions, which can be re-arranged and customized, we introduce first-time users of the Letters 1916-1923 website to the technical features of a digital archive and show them how our search engine and our browse options can take them to exciting content.

Lesson plans for secondary school teachers

Special training material for secondary education was first designed for our Teachers’ Workshop 2014 and our Teachers’ Workshop 2015.

Lesson plans created in collaboration with the Irish Military Archives

Since then, the Letters 1916-1923 team has collaborated with the Military Archives of Ireland to improve those lessons plans and create a visually engaging media download.

If you are an instructor and have used the Letters 1916-1923 collection with a group of children or adults, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about how we can improve the website as a learning and teaching resource. We are also happy to answer any questions relating to the project, just email us.