Talks and publications


‘Letters 1916-1923: Remembrance and Redesign’
Susan Schreibman, 7th to 9th December, EADH 2018: Data in Digital Humanities, Galway
Letters 1916-1923: Collecting Memory, Transcribing History
Susan Schreibman, October 14-18, MEMORY, ART & IDENTITY. ICMEMO Conference 2018
IC MEMO Annual Conference 2018, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel
Irish, American, Catholic? –
conflicts of identity in Irish republican networks, 1916-1920
Queens University Belfast, UK
25 June 2018 | Monika Barget
Female networks in the Irish War Hospital Supply Organisation
“Pint of Science” Festival Dublin, Ireland
15 May 2018 | Monika Barget
1916 Degrees of Separation” – network analysis in Letters 1916-1923
UCD Humanities Institute , Dublin, Ireland
16 February 2018 | Dr Pádraig MacCarron


Letters 1916-1923 and the ethics of education in crowd-sourced digital humanities projects

“The lives of letters” – challenges of ethics and interpretation, Manchester University, UK
16 February 2018 | Monika Barget


Vinayak das Gupta, Neale Rooney and Susan Schreibman: ‘Notes from the Transcription Desk: Modes of engagement between the community and the resource of the Letters of 1916’
Digital Humanities 2016
13 July 2016 | Kraków, Poland

Neale Rooney: ‘Letters of 1916’
Speaking in Absence: Letters in the Digital Age
21 June 2016 | Oxford, England

Neale Rooney: ‘Letters of 1916’
Archives Nationales Journée d’étude
16 March 2016 | Paris, France

Karolina Badzmierowska, Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Outreach in 140 characters’
Academic and Special Libraries Annual Conference & Exhibition 2016
12 February 2016 | Dublin, Ireland

Neale Rooney: ‘Letters 1916 Collection Day’
30 January 2016 | Bunclody Library, Bunclody, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Witnesses to History: Crowdsourcing Letters of 1916’
29 January 2016 | Lausanne, Switzerland



Shane A. McGarry: ‘Beyond Google Search: Editions as Dynamic Sites of Interaction’
European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS) Annual Conference 2015
20 November 2015 | De Montfort University, Leicester, England, UK

Emma Clarke: ‘Letters of 1916: Reaching out to the crowd’
Symposium on Digital History
19 November 2015 | Hunt Museum, Limerick, Ireland

Karolina Badzmierowska, Emma Clarke: ‘Crowdsourcing in Digital Humanities’
M. Phil in Digital Humanities and Culture, Trinity College Dublin
21 October 2015 | Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Karolina Badzmierowska: ‘Sourcing letters from the National Archives of Ireland’
MA in Digital Humanities, Maynooth University
5 October 2015 | National Archives of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Letters of 1916’
2nd Festival of History: ‘Reflections on the Great War & the Easter Rising 1916’; La Touche Legacy; Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society
26 September 2015 | Greystones, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Scholarly Editing at the Middle Distance’
“Culture & Technology” – The European Summer University in Digital Humanities
28 July 2015 | Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Letters of 1916
Bealtaine Festival 2015 Hawkswell Theatre: “The Way We Were”
20 May 2015 | Hawkswell Theatre, Sligo, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Letters of 1916Changing the Narrative: The Digital as Un-Remembering’
Digital Material Conference
22 May 2015 | National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘The Letters of 1916: Editing as Un-Remembering’
Digital Literary Studies: International Conference Coimbra 2015
14 May 2015 | University of  Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘What is Crowdsourcing?’
Crowd Sourcing, Impact and Co-Creation: Key Lessons and New Strategies
19 February 2015 | Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland



Karolina Badzmierowska: ‘Letters of 1916’
Doing Digital History (elective module); MA in Digital Humanities, Maynooth University
11 November 2014 | Maynooth University, Maynooth, Ireland

Karolina Badzmierowska (with Donna Alexander, Paul O’Shea): ‘Letters of 1916’
Digital Skills for Research Postgraduates in the Humanities and Social Sciences
4 November 2014 | University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Revising Easter 1916: One Byte at a Time’
30 October 2014 | University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, Oshkosh, United States

Karolina Badzmierowska, Emma Clarke: ‘Crowdsourcing in Digital Humanities’
MA in Digital Humanities, Maynooth University
10 October 2014 |Maynooth University, Maynooth, Ireland

Brian Hughes: ‘Letters of 1916’
Ambassador Summer School 2014; Tangible Ireland
21 August 2014 | Limerick, Ireland

Susan Schreibman (with Catriona Crowe, Lar Joye and Patrick Geoghegan): ‘Let’s Get Digital: The First World War and the Electronic Archive’
The History Festival of Ireland 2016
7 June 2014 | Clonegal, Carlow, Ireland

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Learning by Doing: Digital Scholarly Editing as Practice-Based Learning’
New Technologies and the Future of the Humanities
15 May 2014 | City University of Hong Kong, Hog Kong

Prof Susan Schreibman: ‘Hidden Stories of the Great War: The Letters of 1916 Project’
Western Front Association, Dublin Branch
12 April 2014 | National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

Brian Hughes: ‘”Well May We Be Proud of Him”: Family Responses to the Deaths of the Leaders of the 1916 Rising’
Grave Matters: Death and Dying in Dublin 1500-2000 Conference
12 April 2014 | Dublin City Research Group, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Brian Hughes, Seán Driver, Prof Susan Schreibman,: ‘Calling All History Buffs: The Letters of 1916 Project Wants You!’
Rathdown Public Libraries’ Event
20 March 2014 | Rathdown Public Libraries, Dún Laoghaire, Ireland

Karolina Badzmierowska: ‘Letters of 1916’
Teachmeet – Postgraduate Diploma in Education, UCD
10 March 2014 | University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland