TALK by Tessa Finn: Another side of 1916. Rathmines love letters.

Tessa Finn is one of the private contributors to the collection of the Letters of 1916 who shared her letters between her grandparents James Finn and May Fay and allowed for their inclusion in the Letters of 1916 Project. These Love Letters “are a document of their love and their time.”


James Finn and May Fay's wedding photograph
James Finn and May Fay’s wedding photograph, image courtesy of Tessa Finn

“These letters between James Finn and May Fay, most of them written in 1916, are part of my family’s inheritance, lovingly treasured by my grandmother, May . She had every reason to cling on to these reminders of the love of her life, my grandfather James Finn. They were married not quite six years when he died leaving her, twenty-five years old and seven months pregnant with their fourth child. They are a document of their love and their time.”

— Tessa Finn, Letters – May & James: A Private love in a Revolutionary Year – 1916

On Thursday, 28 November 2013 Tessa Finn will give a talk “Another side of 1916. Rathmines love letters” at the Rathmines, Ranelagh and Rathgar Historical Society.

Rathmines Town Hall, Dublin 6 | Thursday 28 November 2013, 8pm | Members: Free / Visitors: €3.00


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