How to upload a letter

To contribute a new letter to the Letters 1916-1923 collection you need a digital image or scan of the letter. You can get a digital copy of your letter by photographing or scanning the letter. Ideally, each page of the letter should be a separate file. If there is an envelope and / or any attachments with the letter, please include it as a separate file, too.

We accept files in .PNG and .JPG format.

If you do not have equipment to make a digital copy of your letter, or have any questions regarding your letter in digital format, please contact us and we will discuss it further.

1. Create a user profile: If you have your digital copy ready to upload, the first thing you should do is register for an account on the system.
2. Log in and go to the upload form: When you have got a valid user name and password, go to the add a letter section in the dropdown menu of your personal account.
3. Enter your data and upload your files: The upload field will open. Please enter all the necessary data and upload all images as either a “letter” (that is: one page of a letter) or as an “envelope” or “attachment”.
4. Make sure that all obligatory fields are filled: All the fields marked with “*” are obligatory. Any other field is optional. Please read the instructions below the fields carefully. Incorrect data entries will make it harder for other users to find and transcribe your letter.
5. Accept our license agreement: You also need to accept our license agreement. Then you may press the “submit” button.
6. Save and manage your letters: Once you have saved the letter, it will appear in the “my letters” section of your personal account, and you may go back to it to update the information you have submitted.
7. Ask the Letters 1916-1923 team for help: If you require assistance from a Letters 1916-1923 team member, please use our contact form to get in touch. Your contribution to the Letters 1916-1923 project is very much appreciated and we would like to express our gratitude to all private collectors / families who have contributed letters so far.